Regions of Italy

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In Tuscany landscapes are rarely harsh or offering sharp contrasts.
Mainly sweet slopes where vegetation and crops create spots of color outlining a multicolored horizon. Uman hands made of these landscapes a work of art. The countryside is charming, just to fall in love with it. Tuscany it’s the art region with the most famous towns as Florence, Siena, Volterra, Pisa, Arezzo, Lucca, Montepulciano..etc. Tuscany it’s famous for the amazing churches and basilicas, the medieval towns, but in the same time by its olive oil and a number of wines known all over the world…Tuscany also has a long stretch of coastline looking out onto the Tyrrhenian Sea – Forte dei Marmi, Viareggio, Lido di Camaiore, Grosseto, Monte Argentario etc.

The Lakes of Italy…

The lakes of the North, at the foot of the majestical mountain chain of the Alps, are mainly of glacial origin. Among these are Lake Garda (the largest lake in Italy), Lake Como (the deepest), Lake Maggiore, Lake Iseo and Lake Orta. The environment around these lakes is mostly alpine, and is ideal both winter and summer holidays.
In Umbria, Lake Trasimeno is Italy’s fourth-largest lake. In Latium, to the north of Rome, the province of Viterbo contains two charming lakes: Lake Bolsena and Lake Vico. In the Alban Hills (Colli Albani) there is Lake Albano, South East of Rome and Lake Nemi located east of Rome. Lake Bracciano lies just at North West of Rome.

Venice where romance lives…

What is Venice like?
In short, it is a city to fall in love with.
There is no place like Venice.
The Veneto is more than just Venice. Boasting a host of marvellous (and very ancient) cities, there is some superb property for sale in Treviso, Padua, Verona and more … towns which make Venice look a positive newcomer. There’s fine country real estate too and Veneto has excellent air and road links.